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Discipleship training goes beyond Bible study. Discipleship trainers share their lives with faithful men for the purpose of equipping them to replicate the same process with others. Too often, Bible teachers share content for the purpose of educating the hearer, with little thought or concern for the strategic transferability of this information from one student to the next. We need more Christians to aspire and excel in obedience to disciple making (Matthew 28:18-20) rather than just teaching content that dies with the hearer.

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How was it possible for an entertaining, fictional, historically challenged book like the Da Vinci Code to upset the faith of so many professing Christians? Why are the overwhelming majority of Christians in North America unable or unwilling to clearly and succinctly share what they believe with others given the opportunity to do so?

For too many Christians the answer is that we do not know what we believe or why we believe it. We cannot give what we do not have or share what we do not know. More effective discipleship training is accomplished by systematic design than by accident or circumstantial luck.

Bible teachers typically share content. Whether the student catches the lesson being taught is strictly up to them; the grade, passing or failing is on their shoulders, not the teachers. Discipleship trainers share their lives with their students. Their job is not done until the disciple can do anything the trainer can do.

A person completing this Essentials study will be able to ask and answer foundational questions regarding their Christian faith in a concise, comfortable, confident manner.

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Key Verse

The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.

--2 Tim 2:2


Transferable Cross Training is a vital tool for every Christ-follower. The content is understandable, memorable and action-oriented...

--Gregg Farah
Author, Pastor
NY Mosaic
Manhattan Church

Karl Payne's Transferable Cross Training series is designed and organized for you to learn it and pass it on. It will prepare you and get you in shape for when you are called upon to step up...

--Marta Brown
Home school mom

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