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Transferable Cross Training is a series of transferable discipleship training books developed for Christians who are interested in learning more about their faith, and how to effectively and comfortably share what they have learned with others.

The uniqueness of this material is not in the subject matter covered or the Bible verses incorporated in each lesson. What is different about this material from most fill in the blank Bible study lessons is the simple, intentional transferability of each topic covered. “If I can do it, you can do it” succinctly captures the heart and purpose of this discipleship training material. The goal of each lesson is not to tell someone you have read the book or completed the class, but to be able to actually use these materials on a daily basis or as the opportunity presents itself, with or without notes or Bible in hand.

Book one, Essentials, focuses primarily on topics that are foundational to the Christian faith, and represent questions and answers typically asked by people inside the Christian faith who need to understand more about the biblical basis of the faith they profess to possess.

Book two, Apologetics, focuses primarily on questions and answers that are often asked by critical, curious or skeptical people, outside the Christian faith, who have grown accustomed to Christians running from their antagonistic questions rather than attempting to adequately responding to them.

Book three, Leadership, focuses primarily on exploring questions and answers related to developing active, aggressive, efficient, effective ministers and ministries; anticipating the predictable attitudes and obstacles that must be recognized, confronted and resolved if successful ministry is going to be sustained on an ongoing basis.